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Skin and eye defaults (Batch 1)

Hi! *waves* So, I'm not the world's best CC maker, but I can make default replacements (and do HSL changes to clothing, but that probably won't see the light of day past my own game). Sooooooo here we go...

Astromeso on GOS (_simplyrandom on LJ)'s Element Skintone as an alien default replacement.

.Koneko. on GOS's Vampiric Doll Skintone as vampire default replacement.

Licia21 on MTS2's Moon Eyes as regular default replacement.

Tabitha on MTS2's A.I. Eyes as alien default replacement.

Details and download links are here.
Tags: # default-replacement: genetics, # genetics: eyes, # genetics: skins, # supernatural-sims, linear_flower
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