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wella_creations's Journal

Wella! ...Creations!
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Sims 2 + Sims 3 custom content made by LJ users


Are you an LJ user who makes custom content for the sims but you have nowhere to advertise it except for on your own journal, as it doesn't fit requirements of other sites, or you just don't feel like joining yet-another-sims-forum? Or maybe you just want to pimp your creations anyway? So post it here! Or do you just want have another place to find content?

Sure you could advertise in other LJ simming communities, but they can be updated quite regularly and your post ends up lost amongst the legacy posts and the questions, and there's no specific way to tag your post to make it easily accessible if someone is looking for content. Perhaps people in those communities didn't even know there was something for download in the first place!

This community will make up an archive of available custom content that has been made by LJ users. Custom content for TS2 and TS3 welcome! All TS3 content is marked by a ts3 tag.

Find content by tags or memories.

All members will be able to submit here, however please note that posts will be moderated. They must be approved by a mod before they appear in the community. As long your post follows the set rules, it will be approved. READ OUR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Do you have an idea for some custom content but can't do it yourself for whatever reason? Bored and need some inspiration? Check out the REQUESTS POST. If you're requesting a sim to be made, please go to simlandia!

basic rules
1. Your post must meet our posting requirements. Please read the requirements HERE before submitting a post.

2. Please remember that there may be downloads hosted on temporary servers (such as sendspace, megaupload etc.). Creators: expect that you may receive comments about reuploading. If constant uploading will be bothersome, check out some more permanent file hosting sites such as box.net, 4shared, and e-snips. Downloaders: please be patient if asking for a reupload. One comment is enough to let the creator know, so there is no need for 573490580459 comments all asking the same thing. The creator has the right to delete useless repeat comments if they wish, but abusing this right (ie. deleting ANY comments that aren't repeats or useless spam) will lead to consequences.

3. Do not ask for something to be reuploaded in a different archive format. WinRAR is free, and still works after the trial expiration. 7Zip is also free.

4. When downloading content, it's only courteous to thank the person you're downloading from for sharing. There's no need to be rude, so there is to be no bashing of someone's work. If a creator asks for constructive criticism, offer it sensibly. Don't be a jackass about it.

5. We deem ourselves file share friendly, so take your pay site debate and creator wank to more appropriate places.

6. If there's a problem in the community that only a mod can do something about, feel free to contact one of us to deal with it. However, we cannot do anything about issues on other sites or journals.

Current mods: skittlebox, hidden_kitten, prescilla_bean, linear_flower

If you wish to help advertise the community, feel free to use one of these banners by copying the text and pasting it on your site/journal! Thanks to choose for TS2 ones!

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